“We saw exponential growth within the first 12 months of using thankQ.”

– Taronga Zoo


Increase in

3 months



Increase in

Taronga Zoo realised they had a need for a more robust fundraising, membership and CRM tool to manage their portfolio of non-profit and charitable ventures. After several months of shopping a range of different solutions, they reached out to thankQ. Here is their recount of the experience.

After implementing thankQ into our organisation, we saw a 300% uptick in donations. This was also supported by a 76% growth in member subscriptions. The system really allows us to track what works and what doesn’t when it comes to prospective donors – tailoring our efforts and increasing conversions. We’ve had continued success thanks to the data and intelligence within thankQ.

We have also been able to improve the accuracy of our donor and member communications. For example, if someone is really into elephants, that too is present in the data and we can invite them to elephant-related events.

“improved customer service and reduced administrative workload”

Another great feature for us is the e-fundraising and e-philanthropy tools, that allow us to take real-time donations online and then automatically issue receipts. This has massively improved our customer service and reduced the administrative workload on our team. It was relatively straightforward getting it to integrate with our existing sites, or any new ones we set up – such as our fully interactive oceansappeal.org.au site.

I cannot fault the team at thankQ. The process was smooth and painless. They worked out the timeframe, set up a help line and provided their staff for training. The support has been fantastic and the development work has been very responsive.

Together we developed an implementation plan that included data cleansing, customisation and training. There was a considerable information history that needed to be cleaned up for the data transfer, but the actual system changeover only took about 3 months. thankQ’s tracking of our donor relationships now provides us with much more accurate data and reporting, and has simplified donor servicing.

What is thankQ?

thankQ is a fully customisable fundraising and membership software, built for charities and non-profit organisations. So much more than a CRM, the tool brings together information and data from all areas of an organisation – that is often siloed within departments – to help make intelligent business decisions.


Gain better insights into supporter behaviour with real-time data. Helping you increase donations without having to increase subscribers. Some thankQ partners have seen up to 300% growth.

More Dollars
to Cause

thankQ’s software creates efficiencies within your organisation that reduce operating costs. Allowing a greater percentage of donations received to be contributed to your cause.


We help you to better understand your supporters and improve how you communicate with them. With tools to identify your most engaged and customise what you send them.


The non-profit sector is becoming increasingly competitive. With the largest 10% of charities receiving over 90% of the fundraising pool, getting an extra edge helps put you ahead of the pack.


Powerful. Simple. Elegant. Implementing thankQ within your charity will streamline your technology requirements and replace up to nine programs with just the one.

Trusted by industry leaders


Track payments and accurately attribute them to a donor or group

thankQ makes donation processing and reporting a one-click task. A full set of finance modules gives you enhanced functionality and 100% transparency, for all your payment interactions. These include:

  • Donation processing and receipting
  • Pledge and committed giving fulfilment
  • GST and donation ledgers
  • Event income
  • Audit trail
  • 360º reporting

Build lasting relationships with each and every supporter

A membership tool built specifically for charity and non-profits. Nurturing and retaining existing members, pursuing new members and keeping comprehensive records of them.

  • Membership types
  • Multiple membership and reporting
  • Fixed, rolling period & pro rata membership
  • Member tracking & retention
  • ‘Soft’ membership & gifts
  • Receipting & renewals

Manage your entire volunteer network through one interface

The Volunteer module lets you manage volunteer details – including specific skills, police and working with children checks, qualifications, hours and events worked, and availability.

  • Volunteer reporting
  • Activity reporting
  • Assign skills, positions and jobs
  • Communicate with volunteers
  • Self-manage through e-volunteer
  • Manage availability

A complete mailing workflow for all physical and digital communications

Infinitely more powerful than a simple mail merger or labelling tool, thankQ allows you to fully customise how and when you communicate with each supporter.

  • Application of mailing preferences
  • Segmentation – structured or randomised
  • Customisable formatting & personalisation
  • Integration with ‘MailSort’ facilities
  • Email, SMS & snail mail all supported
  • Recorded against individual contacts

A powerful CRM tool is at the core of everything we build

View every detail about a contact and their network all in the one place. Easily maintain records, segment and score leads, communicate with prospects and extract valuable sales insights.

  • Full supporter & contact profiles
  • Relationship management
  • Unlimited, user-definable characteristics
  • Full communication history
  • Mailing preferences
  • Post code / geolocation lookup

Create, execute and manage truly exceptional events

More than just a simple event booking tool. Inside the thankQ Events Module, you can project manage your entire event and delegate tasks to specific users within the organisation.

  • Automated bookings & allocation
  • Manage sessions, seating & layouts
  • Track costs & resources
  • Manage income & sponsorships
  • Assign & manage staff tasks
  • Export delegate lists & name tags

Engage better. Meet your supporters where they are

Offer your members, sponsors and other stakeholders a full-spectrum, digital experience. Let them donate, attend events, volunteer, communicate and engage with your organisation – all online.

  • eCommerce solution – donations, merchandise & raffles
  • Web events portal
  • Client, member & volunteer portals
  • Online registration & surveys
  • Community & sponsorship web portal
  • Fully customisable templates and workflow automation

The ONLY complete grants management tool on the market

No matter what side of the grant giving exchange you sit on – applying and receiving or distributing – thankQ handles both processes and can be rapidly configured to meet your needs.

  • Grant applications & distributions
  • Comprehensive management of grants process
  • Scheduling & monitoring all payments & receipts
  • Regular reporting
  • Integrated with financial management systems
  • Maintains records of all previous applications

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