thankQ has become an integral part of our operation.”

Provides welfare, education, culture, aged care and security to every sector of the community.

The Jewish Communal Appeal (JCA) was established in 1967 to manage the annual communal fundraising appeal.

In 2005, JCA achieved its campaign target of $10 million. This year JCA is aiming to raise more than $11 million in order to continue providing the necessary support – both financial and moral – to thousands of Jews across every sector of the community, including welfare, education, culture, aged care and security.

The Original System

JCA originally had an ageing, customised CB+ system which provided Contact Management, Pledge and Payment tracking.

The New System

thankQ was installed in early 2004 to initially replace CB+ with a more efficient and contemporary solution.

Since 2004, JCA have gone from strength to strength evolving thankQ to meet their changing business strategies. The new technologies added included barcode scanners, secure online payment gateways, EFT banking transfer, and online management of event bookings, donations, canvassing and host / guest lists.


case study:Jewish Communal Appeal
location:Darlinghurst, NSW
users:15 staff plus web fundraisers and web host / guest management
database:SQL Server
inegration:Microsoft Office, Barcode scanners, Web Donations (secure gateway), Web Bookings, Web Fundraising, Web Host / Guest Management
upgrade from:Bespoke CB+ Database

Two years ago, JCA conducted an extensive review of fund-raising systems. thankQ met the technical and business specifications as documented. We looked at the total cost of ownership over a five year period and thankQ Solutions made better financial sense than the alternatives. But most of all, thankQ Solutions can-do attitude met our requirement of people we could work with.

During the implementation phase, some of our requests pushed the friendship, but thankQ Solutions responded with a smile. When we went live at a very critical time in our annual cycle, thankQ Solutions were happy to be on site just in case of hiccups.

After three months, JCA staff were asked whether we should go back to the old system. Even our longest serving staff, who knew the old system intimately, would have been extremely upset if we took thankQ away.

thankQ has become an integral part of our operation. Knowing that we could rely on Jason, Rachel and the people at thankQ Solutions to be there to help us if needed has made our relationship a true partnership.

Thank you thankQ

Lawrence Jackson|
CEO, Jewish Communal Appeal