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thankQ’s Volunteer Management software module enables you to manage and update details of your volunteers – from their specific skills, (CRB) check status and qualifications to their availability.

The module also enables you to manage the amount of time that volunteers spend and the activities undertaken to help your organisation. These details can then be reported out for analysis.

Volunteers are able to update their details online as well as review, manage and enter the time spent on particular activities.

Volunteer Activity Role List

The Volunteer module works hand in hand with the Events module so that you can set up a schedule of volunteer activities for each event. Volunteers can then be assigned to each role.

Managing lists of volunteers with similar skills and/or availability enables your organisation to easily manage and contact volunteers for specific requirements – from event staff to administrative workers. Associated reports can be produced to show how many roles have been filled or remain unfilled.

Volunteer Checks

The Volunteer module enables you to track the progress of CRB checks for your volunteers using Workflow. This ensures that you have a documented audit trail for all of your volunteer checks.

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