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The definition of ‘managing grants’ varies between organisations. However, the major distinction that exists is between those organisations who apply for grants themselves and those who distribute grants.

thankQ has been developed to manage both of these processes and can be rapidly configured to suit your organisation’s needs.

Applying for Grants

thankQ provides the mechanism to track potential sources of grants throughout the organisation’s decision making process. Functionality includes:

  • Notification of grant application deadlines
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Deadline reminders
  • Schedules of review meetings
  • Storing information about grant-awarding bodies

thankQ holds records of the grant applications that your organisation has made in the past, as well as storing information on the aims of the awarding authority and the projects that they are inclined to contribute funds towards. Integration with the Contact Management module helps the building of relationships with particular organisations, providing the functionality to store useful information on specific, key contacts.

When a grant has been awarded (either by your organisation or to your organisation), thankQ also provides the functionality for:

  • Monitoring payment or receipt of each tranche
  • Managing different start-up and one-off installments
  • Producing regular progress reports
  • Comprehensive administration of the grant process

The entire grant process is managed by thankQ’s workflow process, which can be configured to match your own working procedures. This allows you to assess the progress of applications from the moment that they are received, through awaiting decisions, additional information and reviews, to the moment that the grant is awarded or completed.

Distributing Grants

Each organisation assesses the merits of each grant application differently, so thankQ should be configured to fit with your existing terminology and processes, to allow you to work most effectively.

thankQ aids your organisation in:

  • Collecting information on grant applicants and potential beneficiaries
  • Collating information to produce management reports on grant distribution
  • Monitoring and approving payments
  • Integrating with your other IT systems, e.g. Finance
  • ‘Flagging’ grants as confidential or otherwise sensitive

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