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We understand fundraising software processes and have designed thankQ with your requirements in mind. Built around good relationship management, thankQ helps you effectively target appropriate groupings for any campaign, with tailored communications reflecting the interests of each supporter, making sure they know you care. thankQ helps you develop donors while keeping donation processing and reporting as simple as possible.

Managing Fundraising Income

  • Processing and Receipting of Donations
  • Fulfillment of Pledges and Committed Giving
  • Donation and GST Ledgers
  • Income from Events
  • Audit Trail
  • Reporting
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Income Processing

thankQ is perfectly designed to allow entry of income information in whichever way you wish to work. For rapid entry, a set of default information can be defined for a batch and applied as each payment is entered. As a contact is selected, the system automatically checks to see if they have a pledge and guides the user to pick the appropriate entry.

Regular payments such as Direct Debits and Standing Orders can be loaded and linked to the appropriate bank software. Microsoft Excel can also be used for input of donations, allowing offline or previous batches to be uploaded into the system.

All donations can be allocated against a destination code (the fund or project to which the money is assigned) and a source code (the campaign or event which prompted the donation).

Rapid input of large numbers of donations can be handled efficiently using thankQ’s barcode module.


As donations or payments are entered the user can select to send a receipt. For regular payments or pledges where a periodic thank you letter is required, thankQ will check to see when that next letter is due. The receipts can then be created using each contact’s mailing preferences.

Pledges and Committed Giving

Within thankQ pledges or committed giving can be set up and easily viewed against the contact profile, along with all bank and payment information. This allows “due” payments to be loaded automatically and an appropriate EFTPOS file generated for claiming of direct debits or periodic payments.

Unfulfilled pledges are easily identified and escalation letters generated to remind the donor of their commitment.

Facilities enable the adjustment of the installment plan to accommodate changes in value, suspension of and writing down of installments.

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