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iconFundraising CRM

We understand fundraising software processes and have designed thankQ CRM with your requirements in mind.

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iconMembership CRM

Any membership database will record names and addresses but thankQ CRM delivers the tools for effective membership management.

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iconVolunteer Management

thankQ’s Volunteer software module enables you to manage and update details of your volunteers – from their specific skills, check status and qualifications to their availability.

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iconRelationship Management

Managing contacts and their relationships has been designed for ease of use while still containing all the detail needed for your CRM needs.

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The communication / mailing is taken through a series of procedurally controlled steps, allowing the contacts to be loaded, de-duped, configured, sorted and merged in a controlled fashion.

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iconEvent Management

The Events software module allows you to configure your event on the system so that it appears exactly as you want to see it.

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iconOnline Modules / Portals

thankQ CRM offers an extensive range of online web modules to enhance your ability to engage with your clients.

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iconGrants Management

thankQ CRM provides the mechanism to track potential sources of grants throughout the organisation’s decision making process.

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An Introduction to thankQ CRM

What’s new in Version 4?
Version 4

thankQ?s version 4 has all the capabilities that you’ve come to expect from an industry leader:

  • Flexible, easy to use, appealing
  • Advanced capabilities based on your business rules
  • Communications Automation
  • Moves management and Donor Pyramid
  • Involvement tracking
  • Improve bottom line by up to 5 times

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The UWCSEA Foundation Limited

“We Grew our annual fund by 40% UWCSEA has ambitious targets and thankQ has helped grow our annual fund by 40% in only our second year. In addition, thankQ has helped us manage our major gift programme which will transform the impact the Foundation will have on the school.”

Taronga Zoo Foundation

“We Achieved a 76% increase in subscriptions and a 300% increase in donations We know each supporter individually. We know what they donate; when they walk through our gate; what merchandise they buy and what attractions and events excite them. This means we know how to communicate with them and when to do it.”

The Shepherd Centre

“We Achieved a 600% increase in our appeal in 2 years

In 2010, we sourced and rolled out a new thankQ database system, which allowed us to improve our segmentation, data reporting and our ask strategy. At that time, our tax appeal made about $80,000 gross. As our strategy began to bear fruit last year the appeal raised $180,000 gross, and this year we?re sitting above $500,000. Apart from acquiring donors, we are cultivating them much more effectively and now have many thousands of active donors compared to barely 1,000 two years ago.”

Cerebral Palsy Alliance

“Our long and successful relationship with thankQ has directly resulted in significant improvement in donor support for our fundraising efforts.”

All kinds of Not-For-Profits are saying “thankQ”

Let thankQ help your organisation achieve its goals

thankQ Solutions is dedicated to providing data management software to support organisations within the not-for-profit (NFP) sector. Since 1992 when the company was founded in the UK, we have delivered a range of solutions, from consultancy in the early days to the provision today of both bespoke and standard software solutions built on the thankQ system, accompanied by all the necessary training, service and support.


Let thankQ help your organisation
achieve its goals

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Let thankQ help your organisation achieve its goals