• Location: Melbourne, VIC
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Integration: Microsoft Office, Barcode scanners, Web Donations, Web Events / Bookings, Web Community Fundraising, Web Merchandise, EFT Integration, Automation, SMS

thankQ CRM is the single source of truth for all interactions with our supporters.”


Every year more than 30,500 Victorians will be diagnosed with cancer, and nearly 11,000 will die from cancer.Cancer Council Victoria

The Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) was established in 1936 and has developed an international reputation for innovative in cancer research, prevention and support. As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, they play a leading role in reducing the impact of cancers on all people.

The New System

After a 6 month, implementation project, CCV went live with their thankQ CRM solution for their fundraising, events, merchandise and case management. The thankQ CRM system represents a game changer for CCV as it represents the single source of truth about any of the business’ activities. Further it includes a number of new exciting initiatives, such as Automation, Affinity Tracking and the inclusion a centralised and standardised data import process so that all external websites and applications can communicate with thankQ as a single point of control for simplified de-duplication and validation; reinforcing the objective of achieving a single source of truth for all interactions with our supporters.


The thankQ system at CCV consists of 70 user thankQ Full licences on a concurrent basis. The system is hosted in-house by CCV, and was completed on time and on budget. Scott Druery – Business Development Director for thankQ Solutions commented “This is a testament to the dedicated staff of thankQ Solutions across programming, design, consulting, training, implementation and project management working in co-operation with their customer to deliver this outstanding CRM project solution”.

Primary Reasons for choosing thankQ

The thankQ CRM, being locally developed and supported by thankQ Solutions Pty Ltd, allows the freedom to obtain a dedicated CRM built for Not-For-Profits and very much an out-of-the-box solution with the added benefit of developing sophisticated enhancements needed. thankQ Solutions develops these solutions and adds them to the CRM product roadmap for the benefit of all customers. All customers can truly achieve a single source of truth within their organisations allowing them to make informed business decisions.
In support of the single source of truth statement above from Andrew Buchanan, Head of Fundraising and Communications at CCV, Megan Potter (Head of Events at CCV) commented

… if it isn’t in thankQ CRM, it didn’t happen…

This single source of truth concept is crucial to all companies’ ongoing business success, and underpins all thankQ CRM development design


Let thankQ help your organisation achieve its goalsSingle Source of Truth – what is it?

Many people comment, yes we’ve heard that before “Single Source of Truth” but why is this so important and different with thankQ CRM? The answer is simple: Your business can only be efficient and effective when there is no room for error – all data must be consistent and trusted, and all staff must be empowered to do their jobs – not just for themselves, but for the good of the company organisation-wide.

The data captured from one department can be instrumental in the success of the other departments’ activities and goals


Jason Haigh
technical architect thankQ solutions

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