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thankQ from thankQ Solutions is a leading edge membership software solution. Any membership database will record names and addresses but thankQ delivers the tools for effective membership management. By giving you access to a clear understanding of your members you are able to establish and maintain lasting relationships.

thankQ enables you to personalise member relationships by responding to their preferences -how do they prefer to receive information, what campaigns are they interested in, in what region do they live?


Membership Module

The Membership software builds on the strong relationship management functionality within thankQ, to manage and develop your member base, providing:

  • Membership management
  • Subscription and finance control
  • Membership analysis

Membership functionality is integrated where necessary throughout the thankQ system, so there is no need to manage separate lists of members, supporters or volunteers. This delivers a single set of information, managed through a single user interface helping to keep things simple and easy for your users.

The module allows different forms of membership to be managed – different or promotional rates, gift memberships, associates or honorary lifetime memberships. Each level of member will be addressed appropriately and reminded in the right way at the right time when their membership renewal becomes due.

Caring for your members

The Membership software builds on the strong relationship management functionality within thankQ, to manage and develop your member base.

thankQ’s Membership software allows you to manage gift membership, or other forms of membership where an individual will pay for someone else’s membership for a period of time (group membership, for example).


The Membership software is fully integrated with the rest of the thankQ system, meaning that new members can be added in the same way as any other new contacts, providing consistency and ease of use.

In the competitive environment of attracting new members, thankQ also offers the functionality for managing any promotional discounts or offers that you may want to run periodically. This allows your membership operation to run alongside your marketing strategies now and in the future.

Membership Renewals

thankQ handles membership renewals and payment frequencies in accordance with your own requirements. Tools for tracking subscription start and end dates within thankQ allows you to effectively manage your memberships. These tools are integrated with thankQ’s Action Manager and Mail Manager modules to enable you to actively manage the renewal process.

Membership Mailing

The Membership software makes the most of thankQ’s powerful mailing preferences functionality to enable you to manage your members’ specific needs, from multiple address preferences to gift membership. thankQ uses specific rules that can be configured to your own unique needs to make your mailings and membership campaigns as rewarding as possible.

Membership History and Analysis

thankQ maintains a full membership history and coupled with thankQ’s reporting ability allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your members, so that you can develop your services in line with their needs.


The Membership software comes with a range of standard membership reports, including a comprehensive membership statistics management report and a member demographics report, which help you to analyse important membership information for user selected date ranges.

Types of Membership

Your users can modify existing membership types and create new membership types, allowing you flexibility in the way that you run your membership operation.


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