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All mailings are processed using the ‘Mail Manager’ interface. This transforms your mailing into much more than a list of mailing labels from the database. The mailing is taken through a series of procedurally controlled steps (workflow), allowing the contacts to be loaded, de-duped, configured, sorted and merged in a controlled fashion.

Through this interface the user has the ability to carefully include or exclude specific groups or individual contacts. They can then mail sort the data or segment it before merging it to a choice of formats including Microsoft Word for mailing labels, a text file or database for a fulfillment house or straight to your e-mail application.

The use of the ‘Thank You Rules’ allow personalised letters to be built up based on the specific attributes of the contact and their donation.


  • Application of Mailing Preferences
  • Loading of Static Lists and Dynamic Groups
  • Personalised Letters using ‘Thank You Rules’
  • Integration with ‘Mail Sort’ Facilities
  • Segmentation of Mailings
  • Randomised Mailing
  • E-mail

Mail Sort

thankQ can be linked to mailsort files so you can produce your entire mailing in-house. The output is sorted appropriately and produced with summary reports.

Mailing Preferences

All contacts loaded into the Mail Manager will have their Mailing Preferences applied. This means that for a given type of mailing, such as a Newsletter, each contact will receive the communication at the appropriate address, with the right salutation and even in the right format including by e-mail or even telephone. Where no preference is specified, the system will work out what the ‘default’ address is and notify the user where no address has been found.


thankQ includes features allowing the segmentation of the mailing, including:

  • any number of equally sized segments
  • one in ‘n’ mailing
  • randomised mailing
  • one mailing per household
  • Against each segment a different response code can be stored allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of your mailings.

Individual Contact

In addition to large mailings, all individual contact with a supporter is recorded, including attachment of notes, electronic files and pictures and the logging of phone calls. Alongside actual mailings, this information is all displayed on the contact’s personal record.

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