If you’re an association, chamber or other member centric non-profit, an efficiently run membership program is likely central to the success of your organization.

With a focus on automating manual and complex processes such as subscription & renewal management, communication and mailing and capturing membership history information, thankQ Solutions can help you to better engage your membership base and dramatically reduce the time & resources that are typically associated with managing a membership program.

Features & Benefits

Some of the benefits that thankQ can bring your organization include:


Increase Membership

Marketing & communication functionality and online member subscription tools, to help you increase the rate of new member acquisition.

Regularly Engagement

Automated marketing and communications for email and SMS as well as inbuilt newsletter functionality to allow you always be in touch with your supporters.

Greater Productivity

Centralised management for membership renewals and related payments, helps to streamline the renewals process and increase productivity.


Jeff Lynne

Taronga Zoo Foundation

We Achieved a 76% increase in subscriptions and a 300% increase in donations

We know each supporter individually. We know what they donate; when they walk through our gate; what merchandise they buy and what attractions and events excite them. This means we know how to communicate with them and when to do it.

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